Why 33 will be my best year of running yet

Well folks, I'm turning 33 tomorrow, June 16th!

My day is going to consist of me working my 9-5, my wife taking a microbiology test and then going to class...and both of us finally getting to go out on the town for a much needed date night!

Not exactly the rager that I would've had in my 20's...but I'll take it!

Actually, I'm pretty stoked about my birthday this year. Not so much for the actual day, or the events, but for a clean slate. A chance to appreciate 32 and set my sights on what lies ahead.

I like to think of birthdays as a personal New Year. I usually set some goals and think about the big picture stuff I'd like to see become a reality for me and my family.

Now, I have a lot of reasons to be stoked about 33...

  • Good things come in 3's ... so 33 has to be awesome!

  • I'm still clinging to my early-30's as opposed to my mid-30's.

  • I wore the number 33 throughout my lacrosse career so I'm taking that as a good sign.

  • My family is happy and healthy.

But one of the main reasons I'm so excited about 33 is this. No...THIS!

This tiny, little running blog that has 20-something articles...this is what I'm the most excited about!

You see...I've been thinking about starting this blog for years.

I've been thinking about whether I should actually start it, if people would even read it, if it would it be a waste of time, if I would dread it after a month...

But this year...actually about 6 months ago, I decided to stop thinking and starting doing. I made SeeJakeRun.com a reality.

And I'm so, so glad I did.

I've enjoyed writing this blog about as much as I enjoy running...which you should know by now, is A LOT.

Being able to interact and talk with other runners like me has been so amazing. Getting feedback on articles and training ideas has been awesome. And hearing from runners who have actually used my advice is super inspiring.

Not only has this blog allowed me to start interacting with more runners, but it's also given me a reason to learn even more about running, training, nutrition, and overall health.

I've been reading more books, listening to more lectures, and researching more training methods than ever before. Part of that is because I want to become a better runner...and part of that is because I want YOU to become a better runner.

So now, as I enter my 33rd year of life, I've found a new passion for running, I'm running more consistently than I have in years, and I've got some big, scary goals for the coming months!

As far as training is concerned, I'm running my fastest miles and longest distances since college.

A huge part of that is my new respect and understanding of recovery. If I didn't take the time to prehab. this old beat-up body, there is no way I'd be able to run as consistently as I am right now.

I've also been better about listening to my body, not being afraid to take a rest day when I need one, or to slow down when I need a recovery run.

Not to mention, this is the first time in years that I haven't been dealing with some sort of overuse injury! (You better knock on wood for me!)

Physically, I'm feeling great, and mentally I'm feeling even better.

I'm still excited for my run every day. I look forward to logging miles and actually get kinda bummed on my rest days. I found that I even like planning my training blocks...weird I know.

I've been feeling more confident about the workouts that I'm doing and the slow recovery runs that I need afterwards!

The hardest part is always the waiting. Taking the right amount of time to recover and giving my body the time it needs to get stronger and faster.

For the first time in waaaay too long, I'm training smart, consistently, and injury free...so, yeah, I'm pretty excited about what this year is going to bring.

But the best part about this coming year is that I'll be here, writing about it, every step of the way, with you!

I'm going to continue to write about what I learn, what I experience, and what I struggle with so that we can become better runners together.

Oh, and we'll talk about those lofty goals, but I'm saving those for another day...

As always, thank you so much for reading!

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