so...who's Jake?

I started running because I needed to get in shape for collegiate lacrosse.  Since then, running has been one of the few constants in my life.  Through jobs, family, kids, homes, and friends...running is something I always fall back on to ground me.

But the truth is, running has never come easy for me.  I'm not an elite runner, and I never will be.  I've weighed over 200 lbs since college so I know what it's like being the "big guy" in the group.  And while I enjoy reading articles about the elite runners and their amazing accomplishments, I know that sometimes the greatest runs happen when your alone, on a back road, in the middle of nowhere...

This site is focused on growing your relationship with running

Here at seejakerun we'll talk about gear, training principles, workouts, races, goals and everything else running related.  I hope to make this a place where you can not only read about running but where we can build a running community to support each other in our triumphs, and through our failures.

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